My Best Color Wedding Dresses pics

My Best Color wedding dresses pics
All shades of purple, from a deep royal purple to the palest lavender is a very popular choice for bridesmaid dress and other wedding accessories.Wedding Invitations made ​​of lavender mixed with silver is a very elegant touch.

Men Clothing Style For Spring/Summer 2011

Men's clothing styles for spring / summer 2011
1. A marina jumper -
it could be warmer, but when the sun goes down, it will still be cold. Pick up a medium to thick knit version and keep it on hand for these occasions.

2. A cotton trench coat -
still England secured the rain is coming!

3. A khaki suit -
with the sun begins to show his face a little more, it's time to move out of wool and flannel fabric and in some cotton.

4. Go sockless -
This is my own personal way to determine when spring is here - I want to get your ankles off!

5. An unstructured blazer -
Another important element when it gets a little chilly. By unstructured I think it is a natural shoulder and is not tailored to your body.

6. Colored chinos -
This will really start to pick up the pace in the months to come, believe me.

7. A denim jacket -
See my previous article on this to see why this will always make the S / S list.

7. Patterned pocket squares -
It's not summer quite yet, so you will still be wearing your blazers, jackets and suits regularly.

8. Colorful ribbons -
just check out my article on the shirt and tie color combinations to see how it's done.

modern Strange contact lenses

modern Strange contact lenses
If you want something
beyond the ordinary when it comes to contact lenses then you might want to take a look at these special effect lenses, also known as mad contacts or halloween contact lenses, ranging from Hollywood grounds.

Bridal Fashion Show Karachi 2011 pics

Bridal Fashion Show 2011 Karachi Pictures
Bridal Couture Week 2011 Karachi
will definitely prove to be an event of enormous significance in the bridal Business Plus to give people a recipe for making their wedding an everlasting memory.


Mood Fabrics
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M & J Trimming
1008 sixth Ave., New York, NY 10018
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Vice President - Michelle Christina Larsen
Production Coordinator / Music Director - Alicia lutes
PR and coordinators at Large - Pratt & Taylor Brittney PHEBUS
Parsons coordinator - Samuel Joseph Donovan
F.I.T. Coordinator - Chilali Mouradian Fernandez

FUSION 2011 Volunteer
Adrian Sorok
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mary kate Stein Miller - Teen Vogue
David Yassky - Stylist and creator of
Todd Thomas - Designer, Victoria's Secret
Daniel Feld - Designer and Project Runway alum
Peter Davis - Editor-at-large, Paper Magazine

Parsons The New School for Design

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Fashion Institute of Technology

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Danielle Ridarick

Hadiqa Kiyani Soul Shoes - Commercial Shoot Pics

Hadiqa Kiyani Soul Shoes - Commercial Shoot
Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiyani did a commercial for the latest footwear collection Shoes Soul of Service. The Snaps are shot by S.M. Waqar.


Modern and Stylish Shoes From Japan

Modern and stylish shoes from Japan
It's a modern world, and everyone is very conscious of style and fashion, and what not? I think is the most bizarre way they loved by the Japanese. I do not think they look cute with colorful high socks.

Lovely bracelets for Girl

Beautiful bracelets for girl
These are cheap charm that you can buy from a jewelry craft stores. They are made of base metal.And while you are looking for these charms, ask for a suitable base metal bracelet.